Welcome to Midgard
CryptoVikings is a collection of 9873 Viking-themed NFTs on Polygon. The first complete decentralized app from a group of long-term friends looking to bring something different to the table, its primary design intent is to solve a set of common problems we found looking at the market of similar collections and to stand out from the crowd with unique and exciting technology.
CryptoVikings is a unique and bespoke system which integrates Chainlink VRF to produce attributes and final assets on-demand, with immutable on-chain representation serving as a publicly-verifiable source of truth. It's provably fair thanks to VRF, and protected against data loss with robust mechanisms for full collection recovery. We rounded it off with hand-drawn art, the ability to name your Viking, and a rich user interface with features to set us apart.


We aimed to bring a level of overall polish and thoughtful design that would elevate CryptoVikings above the standard offering in this specific market. We didn't want to pregenerate anything, we wanted to protect against data loss and we wanted to bring a quality user experience. All of these wants were about solving common issues we found looking at other NFT collections.

Equitable Minting

With many collections, we found avenues of predictability rooted in their pregenerated nature, resulting in unfair minting outcomes for those who weren't in the know. Solving this issue of equitability was the driving intent of CryptoVikings - we wanted to make any form of accurate prediction impossible; not with a workaround like a delayed reveal, but instead by producing all attributes and assets on-demand and storing as much of the result as we could on-chain. CryptoVikings simply don't exist until someone clicks "Mint" - and with Chainlink VRF as a critical component of the generation process, minting outcomes are provably fair for everyone.

Data Loss

We've all seen the swathe of articles questioning the sanity or longevity of purchasing a decentralized asset which by nature cannot be stored in-place, and therefore cannot be guaranteed to remain available long-term. With CryptoVikings, we wanted to avoid the potential for destruction by loss, migration or corruption and go some way to solving this problem of longevity. With the contract as a source of truth for all the important information about a CryptoViking, the only thing we don't store on-chain is the final image - and we've built a robust mechanism for rebuilding the entire collection.

User Experience

Web3 is a wonderful thing. As developers, we couldn't help but want to fully integrate the new-age tech of decentralized finance with all the trappings you'd expect of a modern, functional and feature-rich website. We aimed to solve some common quirks of web3 integration to produce a clean, functional and intuitive user interface - with dynamic and informative walkthroughs of our on-demand minting procedure, and features to set us apart such as rich collection filters.


We chose Polygon as CryptoVikings' home for two critical benefits: our freedom to implement a complex system, and simplifying the investment decision for the user. With gas costs being negligible, investors don't need a spreadsheet to keep track of their profit potential. There'll be no gas wars here - no getting priced out, no losing tonnes of ETH on failed transactions. Polygon also gave us significantly more freedom in designing a robust system which realises the potential of on-demand generation and on-chain representation.
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