CryptoVikings is the start of an epic journey for the team. Find here our initial milestone commitments and get a peek into some of the bigger ideas we have on where we could take this in the future.


10% Minted

Reinvestment Fund We'll commit 10% of all minting revenue to a fund which we'll use to directly reinvest in the future of the project - super-long-term hosting, further developments, new ideas, giveaways and community rewards, you name it!

25% Minted (2468 CryptoVikings)

Raffle: Original Canvas Painting One lucky CryptoVikings holder will win a one-off, original canvas painting of their chosen Viking - brought to life by our very own Ragnar! Fork us on GitHub We'll get to work on cleaning up the source and make it publicly available on GitHub. Anyone can see and play with the API, the website and both of our contracts. Once the code is out there, we'll begin looking at working with and rewarding talented community members who bring something new to the table!

50% Minted (4963 CryptoVikings)

Charity Fund A further 10% of all minting revenue will go to a fund which we'll give back by donating to charities which accept crypto. The community can help us decide who gets the money!
Avatar Creator Create beautiful avatars of your CryptoVikings with a neat little tool, featuring new artwork from Ragnar!

75% Minted (7404 CryptoVikings)

Raffle: Six CryptoVikings One CryptoViking for 6 current holders, minted by us for you!
Community ETH prize Stand-out community members who've shown their love for CryptoVikings through engagement, original art, interesting new ideas, technical contributions or promotion will share in a raffle for an ETH prize (pool to be determined).

100% Minted (9873 CryptoVikings)

Original Artwork Storefront We'll open a storefront through which CryptoVikings holders can buy original A4 sketches of their chosen Vikings, brought to life by Ragnar! Sketches will be sold in batches, and only one sketch will ever be produced for a given Viking.
IPFS Now that all the CryptoVikings are out there in the wild, we can look at the possibility of migrating them to IPFS for that decentralized-storage goodness!

Bigger Ideas

We've always discussed where we might take this in the future given the chance, but we've focused for now on bringing to fruition what you see before you.
Here are some of the bigger ideas that we've run by each other in brief moments of downtime. Bigger ideas like these would be lots of work, and we'd need to double down on our time investment to make them possible. If you want to see CryptoVikings go to places like this - so would we! Jump in on our launch and help us get there.


CryptoVikings was built with the potential for games in mind - those stats didn't come from nowhere! Creating fun and engaging games would be a mountain to climb and we'd aim to capitalise on the full potential of this form of engagement. We've had a vision of involving the community in that journey for some time - we'd love to have the chance to look more seriously at the potential here and work with some talented people.

Shield Maidens

Who wouldn't love a second collection of Viking NFTs? With Shield Maidens, we could bring a little diversity to the CryptoVikings horde and open the door thematically to some interesting evolutions, such as...

Training and Breeding

A much bigger and more involved idea - likely encapsulating all of the above - we've had the occasional chat about these features as part of a much larger potential evolution of CryptoVikings. Imagine being able to train your CryptoViking's statistics and items and breed families! This idea excites us massively, though it'd require some serious time and thought for prototyping, feasibility testing and design. We'd jump at the chance to double down on exploring this further and seeing what we could do to bring our unique approach to creating something special.