Gas Fees
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Gas fees on Ethereum can present issues for both developers and for the average user. When transacting costs money - sometimes significant money - keeping track of investments becomes more complex and deploying feature-rich contracts becomes expensive.
By deploying CryptoVikings to Polygon, we made thinking about fees a thing of the past, and solved a couple of critical issues both for us and for our investors.


CryptoVikings' contract is heavy. There's a lot of work involved in generating and representing CryptoVikings on-demand and on-chain!
By eliminating gas fees from the equation, we gave ourselves the freedom to fully realise our vision of provably-equitable minting. Before we made the switch, we were having discussions about how best to compromise between on and off chain functionality on Ethereum so as not to empty our bank accounts while also delivering on our goals. After the switch, we were able to speed ahead into the finished product you see today.
CryptoVikings' equitable minting procedure and its data integrity assurances were only possible for us on Polygon.

Minting Cost

Investing in NFTs on Ethereum mainnet can become a tricky business. Keeping track of your investment and weighing it against your potential profits requires careful consideration of the fees you paid in the original mint as well as any fees you might pay in buying through secondary markets.
With fees no longer a concern on Polygon, every aspect of buying and selling a CryptoViking becomes easier for the investor - the price you see is the price you pay.

Gas Wars

As NFTs became more and more popular, gas wars became a stark staple of even mildly successful launches. Gas spiking high leads to investors getting priced out and risking losing massive fees to failed transactions.
We didn't want that for CryptoVikings' launch, and so Polygon was the natural choice for its home. On Polygon, the cost of minting is negligible, so no one stands to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars to fees, even if it gets busy.
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