Data Loss
Learn about how we protect against data loss to keep your investment safe
Data loss is a big issue for NFT collections. What you're actually buying when you mint an NFT is, for all intents and purposes, a link to something. That link usually leads to metadata designating a series of attributes which itself points to the asset - whether it be an image, a piece of music, or some other document.
The question of where those assets are stored and the longevity of that storage is a big sticking point - if they're stored centrally, how do you guarantee they'll stick around in the long-term or won't somehow become inaccessible or corrupted? If they're stored in a decentralized system like IPFS, how do you make sure that nodes will continue to index them?
We believe that this is a big problem to solve for NFT investors, so we made sure that CryptoVikings are reproducible by anyone, anywhere, any time. They're protected against data loss, corruption and migration.

On-Chain Representation

CryptoVikings are generated on-demand and on-chain. As a result of that fact, all of the critical information about a CryptoViking - its statistics and its attributes/asset names - is stored immutably and publicly on the blockchain.
Our contract serves this information to anyone who wants to see it - just send a transaction to getVikingData() and supply a token ID to retrieve it. Alongside this, there are assurances in the various functions which generate the information that it can never be tampered with.
This on-chain representation serves as a permanent port of call for verifying and obtaining CryptoVikings data.


The process that produces a CryptoViking is a quite involved. It's a multi-stage communicative procedure in which our API prompts the contracts to derive the information about a CryptoViking from the VRF-provided random number one step at a time.
Every step of this process is a point of potential failure - however, since it's on-chain and fully deterministic based on just a single reliable input, we were able to build a system which ensures that the process completes for every minted token. Through this, we can guarantee the reliability of the on-chain representation as a source of truth for asset production.

Asset Reproduction

The only aspects of CryptoVikings generation we don't do on-chain are:
  • Metadata formatting
  • Image generation
Both of these processes are based entirely on the on-chain information about a CryptoViking, and no changes are made to that information in performing either.
This means that it was easy for us to build a recovery mechanism - as long as you have the base assets, you can point a simple system at the contract and reproduce the entire collection of metadata and images on a whim.
This capability is embedded into our API, and can be extracted into a separate standalone tool.
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