User Experience
Learn more about the work we did to elevate the CryptoVikings user experience
Looking around at primary user interfaces and websites for the average NFT collection, the CryptoVikings team saw an opportunity to bring a rare level of polish to the space. We focused on a few key areas to capitalise on our combined web development experience and make the most of Web3 integration. The CryptoVikings webapp is dynamic, informative and functional.


With a multi-stage and on-demand minting/generation procedure, there was an opportunity to make minting a CryptoViking fun and engaging. The webapp walks the investor through the WETH approval necessary to buy, and then presents a dynamic overview of the work happening behind the scenes after mint before presenting an immediate Viking reveal once complete.

Rich Filters

CryptoVikings feature a number of attributes - from statistics to items with condition modifiers, there's a lot of variation to be found. We wanted users to be able to find the best of the best or the worst of the worst and see how their own Vikings stack up against the set, so we worked on facilitating rich querying on our API and presented that functionality through a set of expressive filters on the webapp. In the future, we'll be able to expand this functionality to allow filtering by specific assets.


You can name your CryptoViking! We felt that naming your Viking should be easy and dynamic. When you visit the page of a Viking you own, a naming interface is presented and only valid names will submit to the contract. To round it off, we dynamically update the name when the transaction is confirmed.
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