The Team
Get to know the CryptoVikings team
CryptoVikings was made with love by a group of three long-term friends and decentralized app newbies, each with a different set of critical skills to bring to the table in creating something more than your average NFT collection.
Working around life, jobs, family and the rest, we spent much of the project's development lifecycle knowledge sharing to combine our individual strengths. CryptoVikings wouldn't have been possible without any one of us, and we've had a lot of fun teaching and learning from one another while marching towards the finished piece.
We've fostered a burning passion for bringing interesting and unique ideas to market to solve problems, and we're excited to move forward with applying that approach to future endeavours.


With a background in web development and a learned taste for crypto and NFT investments, Erik was the guy that saw an opportunity to bring a team together to create something cool. He identified the flaws in other offerings which he'd like to see solved, patiently brought the team up to speed on all things crypto, and fired the starting gun on what would become CryptoVikings.
Erik managed the contract implementation for the majority of the project's development, and took the lead on designing and implementing the website.


An experienced project manager and full-stack developer, Thor brought his background in systems design to steer the ship on organization and to push forward towards the realisation of the team's core goals.
He got CryptoVikings up and running on the cloud, took the reigns on the API and image generation, and directed the design and data integrity assurances of the system's on-demand Viking generation process.


Ragnar's the guy who brought the CryptoVikings to life. With a background in design, illustration and marketing, he drove our visual presentation right from the start.
Single-handedly responsible for all CryptoVikings assets featuring his unique hand-drawn style, he also contributed his keen eye to bringing up the website's overall polish and helped the team out with their presence on social media.
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